Our passion


For the past ninety years we have been catering the events of a diverse clientele, including celebrities from the entertainment industry, notable government executives and major delegations at the World Economic Forum.
We have had the honor and pleasure to provide our exquisite delights and impeccable hosting services to a broad spectrum of international events. At the Derby hotel, our mission is to deliver a delightful culinary experience which is customized exclusively, to the needs of the client.

Banquet Halls

Our five multifunctional halls are each wonderful and suitable locations to accommodate all sorts of corporate events, such as meetings, congresses, workshops, conferences and seminars. Specifically, our "Flüela" and "Dischma" halls can be divided into three separate parts. This special feature increases your options in terms of event management and provides maximum flexibility, to tailor the event exactly to your needs and liking. Also note that all of our halls are designed with the highest standard and equipped with the most cutting-edge infrastructure – including: a high-speed internet connection, beamers and an extensive audio installation to ensure the baffling success of your event. A brief overview of our halls:

Flüela - Large exclusive banquet hall, capacity of 170 people, special feature: can be divided in 3 parts.
Dischma - Graceful banquet hall that is perfect for smaller conferences, maximum capacity of 80 people, special feature: can be divided in 3 parts.
Lärchensall - Elegant banquet hall full of light, maximum capacity of 140 people.
Thomasmann- Beautiful and spacious banquet hall, maximum capacity of 170 people.



Catering partners

Our mission is to ensure that our guests have the best experience. For that purpose, we make the greatest efforts and always make sure to go the extra mile. We strongly believe that cooperation is the key to success and are therefore proud to present to you, some of our catering partners. As a token of our appreciation, we make sure to give them the credit that they deserve.

Maison van den Boer

A famous catering service and the largest party caterer in the Netherlands - also successfully active in Germany and Belgium.

"The world of Maison is characterized by groundbreaking excellence and innovative tastemakers. Our roots are in the kitchen, the place where everything evolves around the taste of great food. Our 'team de cuisine' consist of about hundred professionals who are eager and dedicated to prepare the most special dishes, every day."

Blue Elephant - excuisit thai cuisine

Great exotic food, an inspiring ambience and a classic, friendly service.

"With a solid reputation of authenticity and excellence, Blue Elephant stays true to the culinary culture and influences of Thailand. With Blue Elephant you are awaiting a mind-blowing dining experience, that takes you through time and space."